Side Swimming with Dolphins


Here is the opportunity to participate in a real blast activity in Side. In our Side Swimming with Dolphins tour, you will meet the angels of the oceans, swim with them, interact with them and experience the most exciting moments of your holiday.

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Side Swimming with Dolphins – Let’s Meet the Angels of the Oceans

Some moments in life are special and are experienced a few times throughout life. We can include swimming with dolphins among these types of activities. In our Side Swimming with Dolphins tour, you will swim with bottle-nose dolphins, the most beautiful creatures in the oceans. You will touch them, kiss them, talk to them and experience moments that will be among the most unforgettable of your life.

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  • Swimming with Dolphins

Information About Swimming with Dolphins from Side Tour

The tour is available every day. Pick-up time from Side-Manavgat region hotels is around 13.15. The dolphin park is approximately 45 km from Side, near Antalya, and the journey takes about an hour.
Swimming with dolphins is organized at the dolphinarium before or after the dolphin show. If you want to participate in the dolphin show tour, please check our Side dolphin show page and make your booking for the dolphin show separately. Please book for swimmers under the adult tab on this webpage.
You must bring your swimsuit and towel to the event. All participants wear life jackets provided by the dolphinarium over their swimsuits. Swimming with dolphins is done with 6-8 people. After everyone is ready for the exciting activity, the participants enter the pool. The dolphin trainer also enters the pool with the participants.
Participants form a circle in the pool. Dolphins also join the pool. All participants swim with the dolphins for 5-7 minutes in turns. Trainers guide the dolphins and accompany the participants throughout the event. A professional photography team takes photos of the participants throughout the experience. If you want to have the photos of this most exciting activity, you can purchase them from the staff after the event. Your comfortable air-conditioned bus for your return trip will be ready to take you back to your hotel once the activity is finished.
This privileged experience can be the most special event of your holiday for you and your children. The tour price includes a ticket to swim with dolphins, round-trip transportation to the dolphinarium and travel insurance.

  • Avaliable Days: Everyday
  • Don’t Forget: Swimsuit and towel
  • Restrictions: Swimming with dolphins is not possible if you have a chronic illness or open wounds on your body
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  • If you have any questions about the excursion please feel free to contact us

The Dolphin Park

Side Swimming with Dolphins
Our Dolphinarium is located in Aksu, Antalya, about an hour's travel from Side. The centre has all the modern amenities a dolphin park should have. There are comfortable seats around the pool and there is a cafeteria inside the building as well in case you want some snacks. The water in the pool is bleached and inspected periodically. The staff and the dolphin trainers are certificated professionals.

Swimming With Dolphins is a Natural Therapy

Side Swimming with Dolphins
It is a known fact that swimming with dolphins is a natural therapy. Scientific studies have proven that the learning skills of mentally disabled people who participate in regular swimming sessions with dolphins improve up to 5 times. It was also noticed that swimming with dolphins improved children's empathy skills and instilled in them a love for animals.

Who can join Swimming with Dolphins?

Side Swimming with Dolphins
Swimming with dolphins is one of the most exciting activities you can participate in during your holiday in Side. However, this activity has some conditions. The minimum age for swimming is 3 years. Children can swim with dolphins with their parent's permission. People with chronic diseases and pregnant women can not participate in the swimming with dolphins activity. Additionally, participants must not have any open wounds on their bodies.

Things to know about the Tour

Side Swimming with Dolphins
The tour price includes comfortable round-trip transportation, a ticket for swimming with dolphins and travel insurance. On this trip, babies aged 0-2 are free of charge. All dolphin swimmers, adult or child, pay full price. If guests want to come to the dolphinarium to see their loved ones' happiest moments, they pay only 15 Euros per person. However, guests who do not participate in swimming do not pay this fee if they prefer to participate in the dolphin show activity. The dolphin park can be busy during the summer months. Therefore, we kindly ask you to make your reservation for swimming with dolphins at least two days in advance.

Departure : Pick up from your Hotel

Duration: 3 Hours (Half Day Tour)

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  • Full Insurance
  • Swimming with Dolphins
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