Instant Ticketing

excursionside If you’ve decided to hire the services of our travel agency and make your vacation enjoyable, we will do everything to meet your requirements and make you book as simple as possible.

excursionsideAfter you’ve booked your excursion, we will send you a confirmation email, in which we will state that we’ve approved your reservation and that your name is on our passenger list.

excursionsideIf you don’t see our email, please check the other partitions of e-mail such as “spam” or “junk box” just to be sure.

excursionsideOnce you print out the ticket that you will receive in an email, you should keep it safe till the day of your travel.

excursionsideIf you don’t have access to any printers, all you have to do is to note down the number of your voucher. The number which is required is at the left side of the ticket.

excursionsideIf you lose your ticket and you don’t have its number, we will do our best to retrieve it, based on other reservation details.

excursionsideYour name, or the name of your accommodation, room number or date of the excursion should be sufficient.

excursionsideEach excursion starts with a transfer from your accommodation to the location where your adventure begins. It’s included in the excursion price. Your safety is our top priority, and that is why we employ only the best and experienced drivers and staff. Our drivers will easily find your accommodation address, as they are familiar with the city. If, however, you would like to start your transfer from somewhere else, you’ll inform our guides in order to organize the transportation from where you are comfortable. Whether you’re in Side, Kumköy, Ilıca,Evrenseki, Çolaklı, Gündoğdu, Titreyengöl, Sorgun, Kızılağaç or Kızılot we will arrange your safe and comfortable transfer.

excursionsideYour room number always comes in handy, so that we can keep you posted. If, however, you insist on discretion, we will make sure to inform you about our arrival through the reception desk.

excursionsideOur agents will visit you after your arrival to wish you a warm welcome. They will also help you with all the questions and concerns related to the tour, if you happen to have any. You’ll pay a certain amount in advance, as a confirmation of your reservation. You don’t have to pay full price of the tour before the whole excursion ends. Our agent will hand you the confirmation ticket, and this card is actually the security that your place on our tour is confirmed. From that moment on you are on our confirmed passenger list, which will also help us keep track of the filling of our capacities.

To summarize, you get instant ticketing when you book a trip from our website and all you need to bring with you is a good mood and a ticket if you own it. We will take care of all your requests and make sure you have the most memorable vacation ever.