Side Water Sports

Side is a tourist haven with many aspects. From historical beauty spots to natural attractions, there are many things to do in Side. This lovely resort also offers many water sports activities for fun lovers and adrenalin addicts. From parasailing to jet skiing you can experience many thrilling water sports activities in Side of your holiday.
By booking water sports online a free transfer is going to pick you up from your hotel at your specified time and bring you back after the activities are over. You will enjoy the freedom of planning your activities and save your precious time searching for the right place to do water sports on the beaches of Side. Here are some activities you can join and have hours of fun in Side:

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Side water sports
Side water sports
Side water sports

Jet Skiing: If you have been on a jet ski before, you already know the massive fun you get on this vessel. You can slow down or speed up while going on the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Jet Skiing is very easy to learn and it is the most popular water sports activity.

Parasailing:Parasailing is another fun activity on the beaches of Side. Parasailing is technically using a parachute pulled behind a powerful speed boat. So, you can raise tens of meters above sea level and see wonderful views from the sky. A massive fun experience like a bird in the skies of Side.

Water Skiing: Water skiing is a massive fun activity in which balance plays an important role. As long as you stay on the skiing board you’d learn some tricks and become a master of this adrenalin-packed activity in time.

Banana: Banana is a very popular water sports. You get on a banana-shaped rubber boat and try to keep your balance while being pulled by a speed boat. It is massive fun, especially while enjoying as a group of 5 or more people.

Kayaking: Kayaking is also another great water sport you can do in Side. It is very easy to learn but it can be quite tiring unless you are in good physical condition. You can kayak singly or with a partner.

Booking Side Water Sports Online

Booking water sports on our website has some advantages for you. First of all, you won’t need to look for the right place to do water sports on the beach. Water sports centers can be miles away from each other and by booking your water sports online you’d save your precious time searching for the right place. We will provide a safe transfer to the water sports center and back to your hotel comfortably.
Secondly, you decide on the time of the day you want to do the activities. You decide on the pick-up time and our comfortable air-conditioned vehicle will be at your hotel at the specified time.
Thirdly, you will know what you are going to pay for the activities. Below you can see the price list of water sports activities in Side. You can plan your budget according to the prices here. After we bring you to our water sports center you can pay the fee for the activities either by cash or by credit card.
All safety equipment like life vests will be provided to you during the activities. The usage of safety equipment is included in the prices of the activities.
For all your questions concerning water sports in Side, you can contact us. We wish you a nice holiday in Turkey.

The Activities and Prices

Jet Ski – 1 Person 15 minutes 60 €, 1 Person 20 minutes 70 €
Jet Ski – 2 Person 15 minutes 65 €, 2 Person 20 minutes 75€
Parasailing – Single 8 minutes 70 €, 12 minutes 80 €
Parasailing – Double 8 minutes 90 €, 12 minutes 105 €
Parasailing – 3 People 8 minutes 105 €, 12 minutes 125 €
Flyboard – 15 minutes 100 €
Wakeboard – 15 minutes 70 €
Banana – 15 minutes 1 person 25 €
Crazy Shark – 15 minutes 4 person 90 €, 5 person 110 €, 6 person 130 €
Rocket – 15 minutes 1 person 60 €, 2 Person 70 €, 3 Person 90 €
Ringo – 15 minutes 1 person 70 €
Water Ski – 15 minutes 70 €
Flyfish – 15 minutes 2 Person 90 €
Speed Boat – 60 HP – 90 minutes 1 person 50 €

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