Rent Buggy in Side

Rent Buggy in Side

Off-road buggy cars are lightweight automobiles suitable for off-road driving. They have two seats for the driver and passenger. The sides of the vehicles are usually open.
Now you can rent a buggy in Side and have lots of fun while exploring this lovely resort town in a buggy car. Our buggy cars have 550 cc powerful engines. They are all 2023 brand-new 4×4 automatic models. The vehicles have small trunks at the rear to put your belongings while travelling. There are seat belts for the driver and passenger in the vehicles.
550 cc Buggy rental in Side is 90 € a day. You make your rental booking on our website by consulting our guide via Whatsapp or by using the reservation form. We visit you at your hotel for the paperwork. We deliver your buggy car after you make the payment. Since the buggies are in the car category, you must have a valid “B” license to rent and drive a buggy car. Driving an off-road buggy car is fun and you can enjoy this amazing driving experience on the roads of Side in your holiday this summer.

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  • Hotel Delivery & Collection
  • Trip Computer on Buggies
  • 4×4 Automatic Drive
  • Third Party Insurance
  • 24 Hours Assistance
  • Local Taxes
  • V.A.T %18
  • Fuel
  • Traffic Fines
  • Optional HTW (Headlights, Tires, and Windscreen) Insurance
  • Gps And Other Accessories

Rent 1000 cc Buggy in Side

Alternatively, you can choose to rent a 1000 cc buggy in Side. These two-seater cars have powerful 1000 cc engines and come with powerful music systems on board. They have Bluetooth, so you will be able to play your music while travelling. There are seatbelts, and a trunk on the rear to put your belongings in the buggy. 1000 cc Buggy rental in Side is 150 € a day. It will be a privilege to drive these roadmasters on the streets of Side.

Rent buggy in Side

Rent 1000 cc 6-Seater Buggy in Side

You have a large family or group and you want to enjoy buggy driving in Side. No worries at all. Here is a 6-seater buggy for you. This car has a 1000 cc powerful engine. It has seat belts for every passenger. There is also a trunk at the back of the vehicle where you can put your belongings. 1000 cc 6-seater buggy rental fee is 160 € per day. You can see and enjoy the beauties that Side offer as a family with a 6-seater buggy.

Rent buggy in Side

Do you need a driving license to drive a buggy car in Turkey?

You have to possess a valid driving license to drive a buggy in Side. It is sufficient to have a “B” class license to drive a buggy car in Turkey.

How old do you need to be to drive a buggy car?

To rent and drive a buggy vehicle in Side, you must be over 18 years old and have a valid “B” class driver’s license.

How much is the buggy rental in Side?

550 cc Buggy car rental price in Side is 90 Euros, 100 Dollars, or 80 Pounds a day. 1000 cc 2-seater Buggy car rental price in Side is 150 Euros, 165 Dollars, or 135 pounds a day. 1000 cc 6-seater Buggy car rental price in Side is 160 Euros, 175 Dollars or 145 pounds a day.

What are the payment options?

You can choose to pay the rental fee in cash or by credit card at the time of delivery.

What are the daily rental delivery and collection times?

For daily rentals, the standard delivery time for buggies is 10:00 a.m. and the rental ends at 5:00 p.m. However, it is also possible to rent a buggy for 24 hours. If you want to rent a buggy for 24 hours, the extra charge is 20 euros. If you rent a buggy for more than one day, you can keep the buggy overnight.

Where shall I park my buggy at night for a multi-day rental?

Most of the hotels in Side have parking lots. They let the guests park the vehicles. You don’t need to worry about the safety of the buggies at night. Side is one of the safest areas in Europe with low crime rates. Moreover, the buggies have tracking systems inside. The company can follow the route and location of the vehicle. The buggies have theft protection insurance.

Can I go anywhere I want when I rent a buggy?

When you rent a buggy, you can use your buggy freely on the streets of the Side-Manavgat region or its surroundings. However, since the beaches are natural protection areas for Caretta Caretta sea turtles, you can not drive a buggy on the beach. Additionally, you can not drive a buggy in the woods in the town either. Due to the risk of fire, authorities do not allow buggy driving in Side’s forest areas. Furthermore, it is not possible to go to other cities such as Antalya and Alanya by a buggy car. Buggies are not suitable for long-distance travels on highways.

Is there a mileage limit on buggies?

Yes, there is a daily mileage limit of 100 km for buggies.

Do you deliver buggies anywhere?

We deliver buggy cars to the accommodations in the Side region free of charge. For more remote areas such as the Antalya region or Alanya, we can bring the buggies with a transport vehicle for an extra transportation fee.

Is it possible to rent the buggy hourly?

Yes, it is possible to rent buggies hourly. Hourly rental fee is 35 Euros for a 550 cc buggy and 60 Euros for a 1000 cc buggy.

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