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Prepare to enter a wonderland inspired by pure imagination and fairy tales. Side Land of Legends Theme Park Tour promises a day full of fun, adrenaline, excitement, relaxation, and unforgettable moments in your holiday in Side this summer.

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Land of Legends Theme Park Tour from Side – Welcome To Turkish Disneyland

Land of Legends Theme Park or in other words “Turkish Disneyland” is located in Belek which is 35 km far from Side. It is a huge water park hosting more than 40 slides, numerous pools and lagoons, and multi-level special playgrounds for kids. In this huge theme park, beside the water park facilities, there are various activities and fun park facilities such as roller coasters, dolphin and whale shows, a 5D cinema, a shopping avenue with many stores displaying various famous brands, and many restaurants and bars.

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  • Land of Legends Theme Park Entrance Fee
  • Dolphins and Beluga Whales Shows
  • 5D Cinema

Information About Side Land of Legends Theme Park Tour

The park boasts a scenic setting that is infused with thrill and entertainment with lots of adrenaline-pumping rides that you can choose from. There are numerous options of rides that you can choose from in the theme park from electrifying rides to speedy slides. The amusement park also hosts many thrilling roller coasters and amusements that you can enjoy during your stay in this magnificent complex.

By booking Side Land of Legends Theme Park Tour, you will be able to benefit from all the slides and pools in the water park. In addition, roller coasters, fun park facilities, and a 5D cinema in the park will be free for you. You can also watch dolphins, Beluga whales, and walrus shows included in the price.
The pick-up time from the Side region is around 09.00. The park opens at 10.00 and closes at 17.00 and after closing time we will return to Side and leave all our guests at their hotels at about 17.45.
With so many amazing facilities and activities, Land of Legends Theme Park has everything to give you a truly magical experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to have an unforgettable day with your friends or family at Turkish Disneyland this summer.
The evening shows at Land of Legends are fabulous, too. There are light and water dances, concerts and an incredible musical boat parade at Land of Legends in the evenings after the park closes. You can see the details of this tour on our Land of Legends Night time shows tour page. You can stay at Land of Legends after the theme park tour to watch these evening time shows for a mere 15 Euros extra cost per person. If you want to extend your staying time at Land of Legends to watch these amazing shows please inform us.

  • Avaliable Days: Everyday
  • Don’t Forget: Towels, Suncream, Swimsuits
  • Restrictions: There are min/max height or weight restrictions at some of the rides. The price of this excursion is subject to change due to ticket price changes made by Land of Legends Management. The tour price is updated at the beginning of each month and remains the same throughout the month. The required payment may differ at the time of booking and the tour date.
  • Please Also See: Side Aqualand Dolphinland Aquapark
  • If you have any questions about the excursion please feel free to contact us

The Water Park Facilities in Land Of Legends Theme Park

Side Land of Legends Theme Park Tour
There are 40 slides and numerous pools in Land of Legends Theme Park. Some of the examples to those that you can use in the park are:
Wave Shock which is a little ocean where you will be able to ride the waves and also relax in a calm sea.
Rafting Rapids where you will ride the white waters.
Family Floats where you ride with your family and friends multiplying fun.
Aqua Disco where dancing fountains, spectacular lighting, and music appear in perfect harmony.
Aqua Tower which is a kid's paradise.
Wave Ball transforms calm waters into a raging ocean in a very short time.
The other examples of slides and pools in the park are Infinity Pool, Lazy Floats, Baby Pool, Wild River, Activity Pool, Spray Action, My Dive, Twister Racer, Tunnel Deep Dive, Turbolance, Speedway, Rainbow, Upside Down, Sea Voyager, Towerfalls, Windstream, Space Rocket, Magicone, Abyss, Challenger, Starship, Happy Waters and Deep Dive.
In the Waterfront Kingdom Section of the park, you can watch the shows of dolphins and Beluga whales and at the Penguin Exhibit Section, you can explore Humboldt penguins inclusive of the price.

The Amusement Park Facilities in Land Of Legends Theme Park

Side Land of Legends Theme Park Tour
In addition to the water park facilities, you can also benefit from the amusement park facilities in the park free of charge when you join the tour with us. Some of these facilities are:
5th Dimension Cinema with its moving seats and exciting special effects like wind, rain, fog, laser, and lightning makes you experience an unforgettable cinematic adventure.
Typhoon Coaster combines an adrenaline-inducing 86 km/h descent from a 43 m maximum height with a gloriously splashy finish.
Hyper Coaster offers an amazing experience and fun with high speed and adrenaline.
The other examples of amusements you can make use of our Family Coaster, Sky Fighter, Air Balloon Race, Flying Carpet, Twister, Family Swing, Hurricane, Uptown Loop, Finger Coaster, Galleon, Race Coaster, Sweet Swing, Sky Walker, Round The World, Riot, Tagada, Carousel and Power Fall.

The Complex, Staff And Things To Know

Side Land of Legends Theme Park Tour
Land of Legends Theme Park is one of the largest theme parks in Europe. The complex has fabulous architecture as well. The sculptures all around, well-kept plants and green areas, and the ambience of the complex make you feel like you are in a dream world. There is a sufficient number of restaurants and bars throughout the park. The loungers by the pools are free for your use. You can load credits on your wristbands which you get at the entrance and spend your credits for your shopping or personal expenses in the park. You get back any unspent credits at the end of the tour. There is a sufficient number of signposts throughout the park, and the staff in the park provide information on the use of the facilities in English, German, and Russian languages when necessary. All water slides and entertainment units are inspected daily by licensed lifeguards and operator teams against all kinds of accidents. The water in the park is bleached and cleaned daily and food production areas, kitchens, and bars are inspected periodically. The price does not include food and drinks, close-ups with the animals, and swimming with dolphins.

General Park Rules And Conditions

Side Land of Legends Theme Park Tour
To have a smooth experience, there are some rules that you should obey in the park along the tour. It is obligatory to wear the wristbands given to you at the entrance to the park. Kids who are not toilet trained must wear leak-proof diapers. You should follow all safety recommendations during activities by keeping the arms, feet, and legs in a proper position. If you have health problems such as heart, neck, or back, or if you are mentally or physically disabled, it is not recommended to use the rides. You should make sure you do not let coins, accessories, or sunglasses fall off during the activities. Jumping, running, kneeling, and overhead diving are prohibited during rides and in activity areas. It is not recommended to wear clothes and accessories with zippers, metal, or buckles during activities as they may cause snagging and are not suitable. There are height and weight restrictions for some slides and entertainment units in the park. There are clear signs at the entrance of each unit explaining the rules. The excursion price depends on the theme park entrance fee determined by the management of Land of Legends. The Land of Legends theme park management updates the entrance fee every month. For that reason, the excursion price may be higher, especially in high-season months, and lower in low-season months. We update the tour price at the beginning of each month according to the entrance fee changes. The price can be different at the time of your booking and on the date of the excursion.

Departure : Pick up from your Hotel

Duration: 8 Hours (Full Day Tour)

  • Hotel Transport
  • Full Insurances
  • Voyage With Air Conditioned Bus
  • Land of Legends Theme Park Entrance Fee
  • Dolphins and Beluga Whales Shows
  • 5D Cinema
  • Food & Drinks
  • Close Up With Animals
  • Swimming With Dolphins
  • Personal Expenditures
  • Photos And DVDs
  • Tips And Gratuities

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    Very quick , safe and professional service and support. Me and my family had a Great time in the Land of Legends. We stay there until 23.09 o’clock and They also arrange us a privet transfer for the very affordable price.
    Thank you very much ❣️
    Very Recommended 👌‼️🤝


    Land of Legends is an amazing fun land where you can experience the magical multi-level playgrounds for your kids, dolphin, and whale shows, which are definitely amazing. There is also a shopping avenue, a 5D cinema, and many fun places. It was a terrific experience and not just for my kids but also for my husband and me. Thoroughly recommended.