Manavgat River Pirate Boat Trip


Here is a boat trip that your kids will love very much. With Manavgat River Pirate Boat Trip, you and your kids will have a boat trip on the river Manavgat and near coasts of Side. You will also have a lot of fun with the foam party and many pirate-themed activities throughout the tour.

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Manavgat River Pirate Boat Trip – A Trip Special For Little Pirates

On this excursion, you will have a nice boat trip on Manavgat River and the Mediterranean coast and have a tasty lunch on the boat at the mouth of the river. Manavgat River Pirate Boat Trip is especially for the children. With tons of activities like “pirate chase”, “treasure hunt”, “rope pull game”, “pirate competitions”, “face painting”, “foam party” and with small gifts along the tour, your kids will love this trip. A day with lots of fun with pirates is waiting for you.

  • Hotel Transport
  • Full Insurance
  • Guiding Service
  • Lunch
  • Foam Party
  • Pirate Bandana, Face Painting, Balloons & Small Gifts

Manavgat River Pirate Boat Trip Route And Program

This boat trip starts from Manavgat town centre from the pier on the river Manavgat. The pick up time from the hotels is at 08.45.
As the beautiful pirate-designed boat leaves the pier, pirate costumed crew will introduce themselves to our guests and deliver the pirate bandanas to the kids on boat. While the boat sails on the river, the entertainer team will teach the children the pirate language and do face painting. The boat will leave the river and anchor at Sorgun shore. We will give a swimming break here and there will be activities for the kids. The boat will then sail towards the mouth of the river Manavgat and anchor there. Lunch will be served on the boat and there will be a long break about two hours at this place.

The lunch menu consists of freshly cooked chicken, pasta and salad. After lunch, you will have the chance to swim at this beautiful place, either in the warm waters of the sea or in the cool waters of the river. Meanwhile, the entertainer team on the boat will perform fun activities and competitions for the kids. For example, a “treasure hunt” game will be played here. All the kids will try to find the treasure chest buried on the shore by following the clues given to them. A surprise gift will be given to the kid who finds the chest.
At the end of the break here, we set off for the pier where we started our tour. There will be a foam party on the way back. All children will have fun while dancing under the pouring foam with upbeat music. When the boat docks at the pier by the river at around 15.00, our vehicles will be waiting to take you back to your hotels.

If you want your kids have fun to the max, this boat trip is the best choice in Side. It’s a nice trip for adults, too, because while our team takes care of your little ones, you can enjoy the sea and sun of Side comfortably.

  • Avaliable Days: Tuesday – Saturday
  • Don’t Forget: Swimsuit, Sunglasses, Towel, Sun Cream, Camera
  • Restrictions: None
  • Please Also See: Side Dolphin Island Boat Trip
  • If you have any questions about the excursion please feel free to contact us

Manavgat River Mouth

Manavgat River Pirate Boat Trip
The place where the river Manavgat flows to the Mediterranean Sea is a beautiful place and we will have a long break here. At this spot, you will have the opportunity to swim either in the river or in the sea. This place is also the habitat of river turtles and caretta caretta turtles. You will have your lunch here on the boat.

Manavgat River Pirate Boat Trip Is Kids Friendly

Manavgat River Pirate Boat Trip
There are many activities for kids on this tour. Our crew will give some small gifts and do face painting to the kids, too. You won't have to worry about your kids while you are enjoying your day, sipping your drink, swimming, sunbathing or dipping. Our professional entertainer team on the boat will take care of them.

Foam Party On The Boat

Manavgat River Pirate Boat Trip
A foam party will be held on the boat on the way back. It will be fun to dance under pouring foam with upbeat music for everybody. Especially kids love foam parties. While your kids are having fun with the other kids at this party, you'll be taking lots of Instagramic photos.

Our Boat, Staff And Services

Manavgat River Pirate Boat Trip
Our pirate ship designed boat is large and comfortable. It has two decks and the upper deck has enough loungers for everyone. The boat has showers and modern toilets. The entertainer team is the best in town and they will do their best to make your day excellent. Children aged 0-3 are free of charge on this excursion.

Departure : Pick up from your Hotel

Duration: 7 Hours (Full Day Tour)

  • Hotel Transport
  • Full Insurance
  • Guiding Service
  • Lunch
  • Foam Party
  • Pirate Bandana, Face Painting, Balloons & Small Gifts
  • Drinks
  • DVD And Photos
  • Personal Expenditures
  • Tips And Gratuities

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    Fantastic trip, even though my little girl was sick before the trip the pirates (crew) made an effort with us all, very kind and cheerful.
    Refreshments are reasonably priced and the lunch was delicious.
    I would recommend this trip to anyone if ever asked.
    Thank you and when we return to Turkey this trip will be booked once again before we fly out.
    Thanks again to all staff my 2 children now believe they are a pair of cheeky pirates.


    Very good experience loads of fun for kids alot activities and nice relax for adults. I liked most that they take you to place where river connects with sea so you have about 50m of sand in between and you can have a swim in sea or river and compare water and swiming experiance between salty warm and fresh cold water at once and it is amazing. Foam party was great fun on the way back. 100% recomend this atraction


    We joined this boat trip as a family of five. Our children had a lot of fun. The crew on the boat take good care of the kids whole day. The meal was good. There was a foam party at the end of the trip. Recommended for families.