Beaches in Side

Beaches in Side

Best Beaches in Side, Turkey

Besides various amenities like discos, restaurants and bars sandy beaches in Side and all around beautify it more. These are located on the peninsula sides at the rear of the old town.  
There are two best beaches in Side. These beaches, known as the West beach and the East beach, surround the old city of Side. These beautiful white sandy beaches are perfect for making sandcastles, sunbathing, and enjoying various water sports. 
The incredible thing about Side is that you can spend your mornings at beaches. Then in the afternoon, you can visit the inland to enjoy the fascinating Greek and Roman features such as Temple of Apollo and Great Amphitheatre.

beaches in side
beaches in side
beaches in side

East Beach of Side

The East Beach is a wide, long, and sandy beach along Side coast. The beach moves along the coast until the Manavgat River and Sorgun area. 
Beach features many amenities, including lounge chairs, umbrellas to make your beach day enjoyable there. The water of the East Beach is warmer and rougher than the water of the West beach. However, tourists still enjoy the water sports such as parasailing, water skiing, and fishing there. Temple of Apollo is also here near the beach in Side old town. Besides, some unique boat tours around Side can make your tour to Eastern Side beach worth remembering.

West Beach of Side

The West Beach moves from Side to Colakli area. The beach follows many little cafes and restaurants that enhance the attraction of the beach more. The beach is shallow with warm water. So, the best thing about this one is that your young children can also enjoy fun activities at the beach. 
Most people enjoy the water sports, such as parasailing, water skiing, snorkeling, diving, and swimming at the beach. This beach stays crowded throughout the year.

Free Pick Up Service

You don’t have to struggle much to reach the Beaches in Side. Many Beachbars in Turkey offer free services. They are responsible for picking you up from your apartment or hotel. Not only this, but they will also bring you back from the beaches to the hotel. Isn’t it amazing? 
To conclude, natural and beautiful Beaches in Side can make your summer tour to Turkey refreshing. Both East and West beaches in Side are not far away. However, they are much similar in characteristics. For example, you may find many crowds on West Beach due to golden sand, shallow water, and a newly built walking promenade.

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