Health Care And Beauty Services in Side

Health Care And Beauty Services in Side

Health Care And Beauty Services in Side, Turkey

Side is not only a great place to enjoy the beauty of nature and see the ancient ruins from past civilizations but it is also a destination where you can enjoy some of the best body care services. This coastal city of Southern Turkey provides different types of services that you can enjoy during your stay or visit. These services not only cost much lower compared to the prices in your country but also the quality of them are remarkably good. So, sparing some time to try the following health care and beauty services in Side during your holiday is strongly recommended.

Hair Care in Side

Well, many of the people who are traveling from miles to Side may need a hair expert as soon as they arrive. Or even if you want a different hairstyle for your great day to spend in Side with your loved ones you are all set. As here in Side, you can find some of the best hair care services to cater to all your needs. Ladies can benefit from services such as hair extension, hair coloring, manicure and pedicure, professional make up and many more in hair dressers in this lovely town. And for gents we strongly recommend a try of traditional Turkish shave and hair cut. It would be a relaxing and unusual experience in your holiday.

Tattoo and Piercing in Side

Do you know most of the people during travel find this urge to try something new and they end up having a tattoo? If you are one of those people then you will be glad to visit Side as here are some of the best tattoo shops where you can get anything from simple and elegant to traditional. After getting professional and caring service of the tattoo artists in Side, you will proudly carry the lifelong art with you wherever you go. And probably it won’t be your last as tattoo and piercing service in Side cost much cheaper in comparison to the prices in Europe.

Health care and beauty services in Side
Health care and beauty services in Side
Health care and beauty services in Side

Dental service in Side

It’s common that during travel you can easily get a toothache. And suddenly you need a prescription or dentist, then don’t worry at all. Side has some of the best medical facilities to cater to your emergency issues. Moreover, you can find professional treatment for all kinds of dental problems from very reasonable prices. Dental implant, smile design, teeth whitening, dental crowns, dental bridge, inlay & onlay restoration, root canal treatment, composite fillings, gummy smile correction are some of the treatments you can have in Side.

Opticians in Side

During travel, many people like to wear the lens for fashion and even for their eyesight. Or if you are wearing glasses and there is a chance that you break it during the journey. Then, you need to go straight to an optician. Even with the people who are wearing lens can feel a little tingle in their eyes because of dust and wearing them for too long. But the best part is that in Side you will find opticians to help you out in these emergencies. Moreover, you can find fashionable original sunglasses from different brands in these opticians from reasonable prices. We don’t recommend you to buy imitation sunglasses from markets or elsewhere as they may cause some visual impairments or problems.

Spa service in Side

There is no chance that you come to Side and not enjoy the famous Turkish baths. Yes! You heard it right. The foam and oil massage and their organic mineral masks are everything you need to explore here. The baths are so relaxing and the treatment is like magic. You will surely say that you haven’t felt so relaxed till this bath. Please check our Turkish bath for details. Beside Turkish bath, you can find many spa and wellness services such as aromatic oil massage, skin care, Thai massage, hydrotheraphy, and fish theraphy in hammams and spa centres in this lovely town. Don’t forget to take spa and wellness services to renew and relax both physically and mentally in your holiday in Side.

These services are not all as you can find many other facilities in Side. Like medical, tanning and nail treatments, etc. The quality of these services are maybe better than their European counterparts and of course no need to mention they are much cheaper. Most of the health care and beauty service providers offer free consultation and free pick up and drop off service, too. Additionally, you can be sure about that the providers are taking necessary precautions strictly due to recent Covid-19 epidemic.

With more than 30 years experience in tourism business in Side, we know the best and trustworthy companies providing these services. We would be more than happy to help you to find the right service from reasonable prices. Please contact us to get recommendations for all your holiday needs. Our sole purpose is ensuring you have a pleasant holiday in Side.

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