Fish and Seafood in Side

Fish and Seafood in Side

The Best Fish Restaurants in Side – A Guide for Gourmets

Side is home to one of the best fishes and seafood restaurants in Turkey. Turkish cuisine has given its special flavor to the fish and seafood there which makes everyone’s mouth water. They serve freshly procured fish and spice it up with the local ingredients to make sure that you have the best seafood experience of your life. From swordfish on skewers to fish balls and fried mussels, there is so much of seafood cuisine in Turkey to treat your taste buds with.
Side has a bunch of high end as well as cheap fish and seafood restaurants since the locals and visitors both love it. Here is a list of the best restaurants in Side which serve fish and seafood.
Q Beach Restaurant & Lounge:
The Q Beach Restaurant & Lounge is the best seafood restaurant in Side with its lush green grounds where an open seating is arranged. The white dining table setups look amazing on the green grass and have nice beach refreshing air to create a nice and lovely atmosphere for dining. They specialize in most fish and seafood dishes served fresh off the grills and stove which are sure to give you the best dining experience of your life. Their sea bass is particularly famous for its rich flavor and taste.

fish and seafood in side
fish and seafood in side
fish and seafood in side

Liman Restaurant Lounge Club:
Liman Restaurant Lounge Club seems like a replica of a very spectacular dining place from one’s dreams. They have this outdoor dining along the beach which looks super romantic in the evenings. They serve well-cooked fish and seafood along with some of the best drinks that you can hope to find in Turkey. From the starters like fresh king prawns in garlic butter to the Avocado Salmon Sushi Rolls Salad served with parmesan cheese, everything is mouthwatering. So, when you are in Side and are craving some nice fish or seafood, turn up at Liman Restaurant Lounge Club and have yourself treated with the best meals. The place serves as a night club at nighttime.
Side Orfoz Restaurant:
Want something like a well-seasoned and cooked lobster or shrimp curry? Just go to Side Orfoz Restaurant and get the best seafood that you have ever tasted in your life. They have a long seafood menu comprising of grilled calamari, fried salmon and skewered shrimp. They have a friendly open-air dining area by the beach which is ideal for some fresh fish dinner.
Karma Restaurant:
If you want to dine in style with a tray full of delicious sushi rolls in front of you and the sun setting in the background then KARMA Restaurant is your place. Their grilled shrimps, tiger prawns, and lobster are the specialties that everyone comes back for every once in a while. So, take your travel partners along and enjoy the amazing seafood that they have on their menu to satisfy your fish cravings.
These are some of the best seafood and fish serving places in Side which are sure to give you endless taste and pleasure. Bon Appetit!

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