Side Travel Guide

Side Travel Guide

Side Travel Guide – Best places to visit in Side, Turkey

The ancient port city of Side in Turkey is a fascinating place to visit. This popular resort town is located on the south-Mediterranean coast of Turkey. It is an ideal place for beach lovers and history seekers alike. This city is a treasure-trove of Greco-Roman era ruins and other stunning ancient attractions. It is, therefore, a popular holiday destination to enjoy sunbathing, beach activities and also explore the date back culture.
There is a large bucket list of diversified things to do in Side. You can start with marvelling around the ancient ruins like the Temple of Athena, Apollo Temple, Amphitheatre and others. Additionally, you can enjoy the mesmerizing beaches, stunning Manavgat Waterfall, gorgeous Köprülü Canyon and praise their natural beauty. For the first time visitors, it is better to get an idea about the most popular tourist attractions in Side. For that reason, we have prepared a travel guide for Side.

Five best tourist attractions in Side

1)Visit the Temples of Apollo and Athena
Archaeological excavations reveal Side was inhabited initially by the Greeks. It was during the 6th century BC when they settled over here and started to develop the town. They also built a harbour for which the town flourished and became an important business centre. It was during the 7th Century or the popular Roman era, silt started depositing in this harbour. As a consequence, people abandoned this town. The Temples of Apollo and Athena are the remains of two ancient temples build during that time. Once you visit this ancient ruin during the evening, get breathtaking views from the top. Exploring this historic attraction should be of top priority activity while your stay in Side. The site is located in Side Old Town near the harbour.

2)Visit Side Amphitheatre
Side Amphitheatre will leave you with utter surprise once you visit over there. This ancient theatre was able to accommodate over 15,000 audiences. It is a brilliant example of Roman’s architectural skills and will remind you about the colosseum, the famous Roman ruins in Rome. So, make sure to visit and marvel around this preserved historic site in Side, Turkey. The site is located in Side Old Town near the entrance of the town.

Side Travel Guide
Side Travel Guide
Side Travel Guide

3)Explore Side Museum
Side Museum is another important place to visit. It is set in the 5th-century historic building. You can find a large number of ancient exhibits on its display as a part of the museum’s collection. So, visit and explore the museum to have a deeper insight about the past civilizations of Side. The site is located near the entrance of Side Old Town.

4)Visit Manavgat Waterfall
Manavgat Waterfall is a place to visit and enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty. This is one of the most crowded attractions in Side, Turkey. Enjoy great views and get marvelled with the thunderous roaring water. This fall is on the Manavgat River and is also a popular picnic spot for locals and tourists alike. Therefore, include it in your list of the best places to visit in Side, Turkey. The visit to this glorious waterfall is in the itinerary of many excursions such as Manavgat Boat Trip and Jeep Safari. The site is located near Manavgat Town Centre.

5)Discover Köprülü Canyon
When you are exploring Side, you shouldn’t miss to visit Köprülü Canyon. It is about 60 km far from Side and a very popular place for the thrill-seekers as they can enjoy white-water rafting here. The canyon has a length of 14 km and a depth of around 400 meters. It has a very green vegetation around. Rafting on this beautiful river can be the most outstanding experience of your holiday in Side.

There are many popular tours available in Side region of Turkey and by joining them you can see many of these natural and historical marvels of Side and more. You can check our excursions on our website or if you like you can contact us to get more information. We wish you have an unforgettable holiday in Side.

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