Top 10 reasons to visit Side

Top 10 reasons to visit Side

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Side

Side is one of the best resort towns for tourists in Turkey since it blends many beautiful historic and natural places to explore with warm sunshine and beaches to relax. People from across the globe turn up in Side throughout the year for recreational and energizing vacations. Here are the top 10 reasons to visit Side.
1) Natural Attractions:
Side has been blessed by nature in many ways including its aesthetical beauty and the perfect weather. The long stretches of coastline and beaches in Side make for natural hangout spots. The lovely waters of the Mediterranean Sea create an amazing view as well as the mountains create epic landscapes for exploration. Besides having perfect beaches and sea, the region is home to many magnificient canyons and waterfalls.
2) Amazing Vacation Pricing:
Tours in other countries sometimes get way too expensive and you have to calculate your balance all the time. Holiday in Side is the best for you if you want a cheap and fun loaded vacation since the natural attractions and ancient buildings all come with no pricing. The hotels and lodgings are relatively inexpensive and the restaurants offer local produce on their menu which cuts any additional costs.
3) Amazing Cuisine:
If there is one thing that Side wins at, it is the delicious Turkish cuisine. No matter if you are at a fancy restaurant or getting food from street food vendors, there is always some nice kebab or doner to help you have divine food.
4) Soothing Sunshine:
Side has amazing weather throughout the year, but the sunshine during summers is particularly lovely. You can enjoy long hours of sunbathing there. Even in the autumn months you feel the warming sunshine that you walk around with tshirts and shorts.

top 10 reasons to visit side
top 10 reasons to visit side
top 10 reasons to visit side

5) Endless Shopping:
The shopaholics get to shop to their hearts’ content in Side where there are many shops and stores around. You can get as many gifts and accessories for you and others as you want from there from really reasonable prices.
6) Fun Nightlife:
The nightlife at Side is absolutely fun and it worths every moment you spend drinking, dancing or exploring there. Many bars and clubs especially in Old Town of Side offer hottest night time fun attractions till to the first lights of the morning.
7) Beaches:
Side has many famous beaches with white sands and lovely blue waters which instantly relax the visitors. You can go there and have an occasional swim, sunbathing and enjoy the thrilling watersports. All the beaches in Side region have blue flags so you don’t need any goggles to see the bottom of the sea clearly.
8) Ancient Architecture:
Side has amazing places from the past which still stand in full glory for the visitors to see. From the great Greek Amphitheatre to the ruins of Side Old Town there is so much to explore. Don’t miss to view the sunset at Apollo Temple in Old Town where Cleopatra met her lover Mark Antony long long time ago.
9) Welcoming Locals:
The locals are so welcoming and ever so polite that you will feel at home. Turkish people are famous with their hospitality and you will feel their friendly manners during your vacation. They offer you all kinds of help and they even offer to show you around to the places that tour guides sometimes do not.
10) Stunning Views:
Side never runs of out of places to explore and views to relish. So, grab your cameras and capture the nicest views in them to boost your Instagram timelines. Visiting Green Canyon and Manavgat Waterfall is highly recommended before you go back home.
As a result, Side has the best places to visit and things to do making it the perfect vacation destination for you!

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