Street Food in Side

Street Food in Side

Street Food in Side – The Examples of Traditional Turkish Food

The local culture of Side is so rich and inviting that one can hardly resist going back there. The street food has a major influence on the culture of Side which makes people fall in love with the place. The street food of Side is everything that street food is supposed to be: economic, delicious, Turkish and abundant! The street food in Side is probably the best in the whole of Turkey since this place is a hub of tourists from across the globe and local people who want a recreational break. Here is a list of the most liked street food items in Side for you.
Gevrek, also known as Simit, is primarily a delicious breakfast item which has a circular baked bread topped with sesame seeds. Sometimes sunflower seeds or poppy seeds are used to give it an even richer flavor. It is commonly found in the streets of Side which makes you stop by the stall or shop and just get a gevrek before you resume your walk. The aroma is just as good as the taste and you start apprehending the rich flavor and texture as soon as it enters your nose. This amazing circular bread goes perfectly with coffee or tea, so if you want something on the go with your hot drink, do get a gevrek or two.

Street Food in Side
Street Food in Side
Street Food in Side

Döner Kebab:
Döner kebab is one of the most readily available street food in Side which is so gratifying to the taste buds that you crave it even when you are full and your eyes land on the stall where doner meat is rotating. Döner kebab is made from beef or chicken. It is given different flavors and feels with different spices and sauces, but the core appearance and taste of doner kebabs remains same throughout Side. It is more of a Turkish version of Arab Shawarma than anything else. But the classic native Turkish taste and the shape of bread differentiates it.
This is a classic Turkish street food item where the influence of the Balkan times is very evident in the ingredients and taste. Kokoreç is made from goat or lamb intestines rolled around a spiced and marinated offal. The intestines are then grilled to perfection and have a very lovely and appetizing brownish appearance when they are perfected. It is served with sweetbread and spices that the Turks take so much pride in.
Ring sweet:
Ring sweet is a Turkish donut with a rich traditional taste and gratifying aroma. It is a circular shaped sweet with delicious crispy touch to it which makes you want to go for more and more helpings of it even when you are done eating to your heart’s content. The orange-brown color and the sweet alluring smell of Ring sweet is all that you need to want a dessert out of nowhere.
Gözleme is a sort of a pancake which comes with unlimited filling options. The traditional sauces go perfectly with this pastry-pancake which is an irresistible street food. It goes with everything be it cheese, potatoes or meat stuffing.
The street food in Side is so delicious and diverse that you are left at a loss to decide a dish when you crave something to eat and have so many options in front of you. Just get a little of everything and sail into the sea of foody pleasure!

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