Tips for travellers visiting Side

Tips for travellers visiting Side

Tips and hints for holidaymakers in Side

Side is a fun and exciting place to be at and its visitors always recommend the resort town to their friends highly. The recreational spots and energizing activities are worth planning your vacation getaway around. Here, we prepared some tips for travellers visiting Side to make sure that you have the best time of your life in Side when you visit for your next getaway.

Local Transportation in Side

The Turks are an energy efficient nation and they emphasize the use of public transport even for the tourists. There are local minibuses referred to as the Dolmus which leave the bus stations periodically.
The dolmus minibuses are white in color and it writes the destination of the minibus in front of the vehicles. There is also a sign of the destination on front top of the vehicle. The stops of the dolmus are also indicated on the side glass of the vehicle. You can stop these vehicles anywhere by flagging down them. The journey fare can be seen on a sign over the driver’s seat and you should give the fare when you get on the vehicle. This is the cheapest and safest way of travelling inside Side, so go for it while you are there.
Taxis are yellow in color. There is a taximeter in every taxi and it shows the amount you should pay when your journey is over. Side expands on a wide area and there are many smaller resort towns in this region. So travelling in a taxi between these destinations can be expensive.

Electricity and Appliances in Side

Turkey has a standard supply of 220 volts and has European style plugs. Electrical appliances will easily work with two pin adapters here.

Tips for travellers visiting Side
Tips for travellers visiting Side
Tips for travellers visiting Side

Emergency Services

In case of an emergency, you should call the emergency numbers immediately to avoid worsening of the situation. Here are some of the most important emergency numbers in Side:
• Police: 155
• Fire: 110
• Emergency (Ambulance): 112

Phone, GSM and Internet Services

You can use your own SIM in Turkey if you plan on a stay of fewer than 30 days and it will able you to connect via internet roaming easily. However, if you plan on a longer stay then you should get a local Turkish SIM or an international number for all your trips. Internet services are no problem since Side has a Wi-Fi connection everywhere including hotels and public places.
A fixed line in Side contains 7 digits. If you want to call a fixed line from another fixed line in town, you can dial the number directly. However, if you want to dial a fixed line located in another town, you should dial 0 as prefix then the area code and the telephone number.
If you want to call an international phone number from Turkey, you should dial 00, country code, area code and telephone number respectively. You can call a telephone number in Turkey from another country by dialing 00,90,area code and telephone number respectively. The area code of Antalya and Side is 242.
Turkish mobile numbers have ten digits and you should add 0 as prefix in the beginning of the number when you want to make a mobile call.

Time System

The time zone in Side is TRT (Turkey Time) with no daylight saving time (DST) at present.


The currency commonly used in Side is Turkish Lira so get yours exchanged for any payments in Side. However, many shops put price tags mainly in euros and accept foreign currencies.

Smoking in Side

Smoking is banned in all over Turkey in hospitals, public spaces, buses, and offices. However, some hotels in Side have smoking rooms and you can go and smoke there if you want to. Apart from the indoors, there aren’t any restrictions for smoking outdoors. Most of the bars, restaurants and cafeterias along Side provide open air smoking places for their customers.

Liquor Laws in Turkey

Turkey is a Muslim country, but alcoholic drinks are available abundantly at the markets and liquor shops along Side. Bars and clubs are open till to the first lights of the morning in the town. There are strict liquor laws in place for selling or consumption of alcohol by people under the age of 18. However, there are no restrictions for people above the age of 18. The sales of alcohol is closed at the markets at 10 p.m.

Driving in Side

Side has right-hand driving vehicles in which the steering wheel is towards the right side of the vehicles. Keep this in mind when you rent a car here. Side has well kept roads and there is almost no heavy traffic in this beautiful resort town.

Following these tips will make the visit of Side more enjoyable and free from any troubles for you. If you are curious of something about Side or Turkey, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope you have a nice holiday in Side.

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