Romantic things to do in Side

Romantic things to do in Side

Romantic Things to do in Side – Exciting Activities For Couples

Side is full of opportunities for adults and kids, but it has the potential of being the perfect spot for a dreamy honeymoon or romantic getaway as well. There is much that this beautifully constructed and greatly put together area of Turkey has to offer to people seeking romantic things to do out there. Here are some of the romantic things that you can do in Side to make the most out of your trip.
Walking on the beach side:
Want to catch a glimpse of heaven with your significant other? The lovely blue waters along the beachside can be the perfect sightseeing spot for you. The white sandy beach and the ring of lush greenery there is all that you need to strengthen your bond in the presence of the healing charms of nature. You can enjoy leisurely long romantic walks on the walking trails seaside together.

Romantic Things To Do in Side
Romantic Things To Do in Side
Romantic Things To Do in Side

Do water sports together:
What’s more thrilling too as a couple than to go for water sports together? You can take an occasional swim to cool off after a walk. The two of you can splash water on each other in the good old romantic couples’ fight if you want to. Surfing on the waters of Mediterranean in Side can be fun too as you get to challenge each other and discover each other’s talents. Water sports can be the most exciting and fun thing that you do as a couple in Side, Turkey on your romantic getaway.
Side Sunset Boat Trip Excursion:
Catching a gloriously sinking sun in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea is as romantic in doing as it is in imagining. You can take a boat ride to Side which takes you to the lovely view of sun drowning in the tranquil waters. The boat trip excursion also has unlimited drinks and deck parties. There is a club on the boat too where you two can dance your heart away. Then you can dine at the deck and enjoy the delectable dinner together which is a pleasure of its own.
Watching Sunset at Apollo Temple:
Being an advocate of love, you can go to the Apollo Temple where Cleopatra met the love of her life, Mark Antony. You can catch a lovely sunset there while sitting in the peaceful ambiance of the temple. It can be one of the most romantic and peaceful things that couples can enjoy in Side on their romantic getaways.
Rafting Tour in Koprulu Canyon:
Just imagine the fast rushing clearest blue eyes surrounding you while you go rafting in Koprulu Canyon. You loved it, right? Just reach the Koprulu Canyon site from your hotel, put on the life jackets, mount the most attractive raft and go all in with the fun and thrills! This gets even more exciting when the water comes gushing in a fast pace and your raft goes spiraling.
Side is a very popular place for romantic getaways, so do these activities and make the most out of your honeymoon or babymoon in the lovely place!

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