Best Side Excursions For Your Kids

Best Side Excursions For Your Kids

Best Kids Friendly Tours in Side

Side is a fun holiday resort town for people of all ages with its amazing recreational spots and sightseeing attractions. Where it has exciting and thrilling tours for adults, it has equally fun excursions designed for kids. Here are some of the best excursions for your kids in Side.
Dolphin Park:
Dolphin Park is one of the most popular attractions among kids since they love playing and interacting with dolphins. The kid-friendly dolphin therapies there also help in the mental growth and promotion of happy creativity in them. The Dolphin Show which is put on display daily amazes the kids and they love learning new facts about dolphins.
Buggy and Quad Safari Tours:
Kids love some action and thrills, don’t they? They get to have spectacular views as well as an exciting ride through the rough terrain which feels to them like a real-life game set. They are surely going to ask you for another go since the kids have great fun there.

Best Side Excursions For Your Kids
Best Side Excursions For Your Kids
Best Side Excursions For Your Kids

Pirate Ship:
There is a pirate-themed ship sailing the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and Manavgat River which is something that your kids are going to love. This is a venture straight out of the tales that you tell your children which is sure to boost their imagination. There is a real-life treasure hunt on the cruise along with many activities that you can enjoy as a family.
Kids learn best when they have activities which offer them fun and thrills. Rafting near Side is one of the best excursions planned for kids which teaches them about real life challenges. They get to learn teamwork while the family rafts as a single unit. The fast gushing water at some points along the rafting venture is sure to make them have the right excitement and thrills. White water rafting is done in Koprü River near Side which means that the kids will have a view of the Taurus Mountains and lush forests along the way. They can even go for an occasional swim in cool waters of the river and sharpen their swimming skills. There is a buffet lunch on this excursion too which make the tour quite wholesome. You don’t have to worry about the safety of the excursion. The safety equipments are delivered to you and all the safety precautions are taken seriously along the trip.
Boat Trips:
Boating is something that never loses its charm for kids, so take your kids on as many boating ventures as you can. Side region has some amazing bays and pristine water. You can have full or half day tours on the serene bays of Side and on the river Manavgat with your kids and watch them having fun on the boat with many kids activities and foam parties. They will also love the views and swimming spots of Side very much.
Cultural Exploration:
Kids love exploring different cultures, too. Take them to the monumental buildings in Side like Apollo Temple and Side Aphitheatre and tell the fascinating stories about those places to engage them in historical details of things. There are other cultural tours too which include trips to Pamukkale, Cappadocia and Demre, Myra and Kekova.
Side has a bunch of amazing excursions and activities for kids, so choose the ones which your kids love the most and have some quality family time together. Have a nice holiday.

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